Clinics We Offer


Cervical Smear Test

Routine smear tests can be carried out by the treatment room nurses. These are available to women over the age of 25.

Click here for information about cervical cancer

Click here for information about cervical screening

Child Development Checks

Some of our doctors have additional special qualifications to carry out developmental checks on babies at approximately eight weeks of age. Thereafter, these checks are carried out by a health visitor, who will refer any problems to your doctor.

Children's Vaccinations and Immunisations

These routine procedures are carried out by appointment. Appointments will be sent to you.  Click here to view the vaccination schedule.


Diabetic Clinic

Our nurse will advise on the management, lifestyle and diet of all diabetic patients. 

Family Planning

All the partners are happy to give advice on family planning. 

If pregnant women can self refer to a midwife via Blake Birth Centre on 02392 523651

NHS Health Checks

These are for patients aged 40-74, you will be invited to attend.



New Patient Check

All newly registered patients aged over five years are invited to attend for a check-up at a nurse run clinic.


It has now been agreed with the hospital that the restrictions on blood tests are now lifted.  Blood tests can now been taken at the surgery, QAH, Gosport War Memorial and Fareham Community Hospital to allow greater flexibility.

Respiratory Medicine Clinic

For patients of all ages who have Asthma or respiratory disease. The nurse can advise on symptom control, medication, treatments and inhaler technique.