Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a diagnosis given to those with ongoing high blood pressure readings. If you are suspected to have this condition, you will be asked by the doctor or nurse to monitor your blood pressure readings at home before a diagnosis is made – it is not made on ONE reading only.

Once you have been diagnosed with hypertension it is important that your blood pressure readings are recorded every year to check that you are on the right medication. The most accurate way of doing this is by home monitoring.

You will be contacted annually and asked for home blood pressure readings and to attend for a blood test. This blood test includes measuring your kidney function and cholesterol levels and checking for diabetes (HBA1C). We measure your kidney function to check that neither the blood pressure nor the medication that you are taking is affecting how your kidneys work. Cholesterol and diabetes bloods are measured as they are separate risk factors for heart problems and may need treatment if raised.

When you are asked for home BP readings, we ask that you provide us with an average of three days of readings if possible. 

Download a blood pressure recording form

You will need to purchase a machine for home monitoring. Please click here for further information about this:

High Blood Pressure


The Surgery uses the Omron Basic M2 model

It is important that the cuff is the correct size - this can be worked out by measuring your upper arm circumference.

We thank you for your help in managing your own blood pressure and hope that you can see the benefits to both you and the practice in preventing problems in the future caused by high blood pressure.


Surgery POD Information: 

SurgeryPod - helping us to help you take greater control over your health

Your Key questions answered:

Want to take greater control over your health?

To give you more quality face-to-face time with your doctor, and help you avoid appointment timeswhich may not be convenient, we are delighted to have invested in innovative technology called SurgeryPod - wgich you can find in our waiting area.  This newly installed equipment gives you greater control and flexibility over your health as well as allowing our medical staff to use their expertise more efficiently.  Her are our answeres to some key questions.

1) What is a SurgeryPod?

SurgeryPod is a secure computer system which accurately records your patient data and takes readings, such as weight and blood pressure measurements.  It is not a replacement for your doctor or nurse but an additional resourse for our Practice to give you most appropriate attention when you need it - and sometime faster than we could before.

2) Why do we have it?

We want to give greater freedom and opportunity to monitor your health without having to wait after booking an appointment.

3) What are the benefits to me as a patient?

SurgeryPod enables you  - without clinical supervision - to performyour own checks such as blood pressure, weight, smoking status and alcohol usage, and your information is instantaneosly - and securely updated into your records and can be immediately viewed by the doctors and nurses.  You can perform these simple checks at your own convenience, without making an appointment during our opening hours.  This means that when you start your face-to-face consultation, your doctor will already have this key information giving you more time to discuss your health.  You no longer need to arrange appointments or attend at inconvenient times for simple checks.  These can be done when it suits you.  For example, you may wish to do your blood pressure before you see the doctor or nurse, or you can come in anytime to use it.

4) What can you do on the SurgeryPod?

You can:

  • Take your blood pressure
  • Take your weight and calculate your BMI
  • Enter information regarding your lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol, exercise and diet

5) How does it work?

You simply interact with a touchscreen computer to guide you through the process.  After you enter your name and date of birth you follow the easy step-bystep instructions.  Here is the typical process you will go through before your GP apointment.

  • Enter your name and Date of Birth
  • Select 'Standard Checks'
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

After you complete the session your results are automatically saved on your patient records.

6) Who can use it?

Every patient.  You don't have to use SurgeryPod - but regardless of your technical knowledge, you will easily be able to use it and it will allow us to keep better track of your latest readings.  If you do have difficulty, a member of the reception team would be happy to help you - but please be patient if they are on the phone or talking to other patients.